GO !

By: Steve Worland

Location: FIC WOR

Genre: Go Carts, Family Life, Coming of Age

A cross between Cars (movie) and The Karate Kid (movie)..




Fifteen-year-old Jack has just discovered the one thing he loves, and is really good at: go kart racing. With the support of his mentor, Patrick, an old race-car driver with a dark past, and his best mates Colin and Mandy, Jack must learn to control his reckless streak. Only then will he be in with a chance to defeat the best drivers in Australia, including his ruthless rival Dean, and win the National title.

A Review from Whatbooknext.com

Jack and his mum are new to town and he nearly doesn't go to a party he's suddenly invited to. After all, he doesn't even know whose party it is! But it turns out to be the best thing he's done in ages. Especially after the dumb stuff he's done lately. He just can't stop himself. It's just a feeling that comes over him, ever since his dad died. He can't explain it to his mum and feels bad after letting it take over. What he needs is something else to think about.

The party venue is Busselton Dirt Karts and Jack soon finds himself speeding around the track - the best thing ever! He's hooked and wants to learn more, drive a kart again and maybe even enter competition races.

What he needs is a coach, (who he finds in the Kart Track owner Patrick), a mechanic/engineer, (who he finds in Mandy, the girl who is hosting the party), and a supportive mate, (Colin, an introvert and likeable quirky geek.)

Things don't go smoothly along the way, as Mandy is the sister of the local kart champion, and shouldn't be helping Jack. Jack's mum is flat-out busy with her new business and worrying about him, and the local constable has caught Jack driving her car illegally.

Jack knows he must sort out his recklessness, trust in his friend's advice, and listen more to his coach. The loss of his father weighs heavily on him, and the desire to win is all encompassing. Can he learn to control his inner demons?

This novel reads just like a fleshed-out screenplay which is essentially what it is, but I can see why it made a popular movie. It has everything for a good story. New kid in town. A past champion dealing with loss and not wanting to race anymore. The rich kid who is king-pin and not wanting Jack to take any of his glory. A girl just wanting to prove herself to her father, and a worried mum, just wanting the best for her son. I'd call it a cross between Cars (movie) and The Karate Kid (movie). Really enjoyed it!


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