The Lost City

 By: Amanda Hocking

Loction: FIC HOC

Genre: Fantasy, Magic, Paranormal

“It doesn’t matter what you meant. It matters what you do. Intentions are the lies we tell ourselves. Actions are the truth.” 

Nestled against the coast lies a forested kingdom filled with wonder and secrets

Ulla Tulin was abandoned as a baby and raised amongst the Kanin, like many half-blood trolls. And though she was hidden because of her heritage, she never forgot her origins. So when Ulla is hired by an institution that helps those like her, she's delighted.
She teams up with handsome Pan Soriano, a half-human researcher. However, their efforts to find her family are blocked when it seems Ulla has royal connections. They think helping amnesiac Eliana, with her own unique gift, may be more successful. But as Ulla nd Pan dig deeper, they find someone will do anything to keep these mysteries hidden.

"The book sensitively explores issues around abandonment, identity and finding oneself, all set within a fantastical world with an interesting magic system...and Trolls. " Becca


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