Wednesday, October 31, 2012

100 Amazing Tales from Aotearoa

By: Te Papa
Location: NF 993.007 ONE
Genre: New Zealand History

The 100 stories told in this book come from a popular mini- documentary series on TV called "Tales from Te Papa".
 This book tells our story, the famous, the quirky, weapons and spiders. My favourite is the story of the Playschool animals, I like Humpty, probably cause I always felt stink when he fell of the wall and I wanted to help fix him. I love the page on Xena because all girls wanted to be like her, and then the amazing information of what stuff we use that has seaweed in it- and not just our sushi at lunch, which I had today and was very nice!
Apart from that our art, war stories, weird animals and amazing dress sense all get a mention, so do cockroaches.. and I have one in the library right now...
This interesting book that gobbled up my time, also comes with 2 DVD's.

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