Monday, October 29, 2012

The Inferior and The Deserter

By: Peadar O Guilin
Location: FIC OGU
Genre: Sci Fi

"Read this and remember why Science Fiction lit your fire in the first place" Deathray

I am always on the lookout for books I think my son would like to read, Sci Fi is his thing and so I bought these thinking they might be a goer.  They are about cannibals,  and nano technology and nano- enhanced agents, and love, and courage. All sounds great except the cannibal part.  The protagonist name is Stopmouth, and he deals in flesh trade, he deals with a betraying brother, a beautiful woman and a parallel universe. I guess the only way to see if the reviews are true is to get Cam to have a read and tell me what he thinks. I trust his opinion, but I wont be giving him steak for tea  when he reads it.

"A real page turner....All fans of action- based dystopian fiction will love it. Compelling, disturbing and utterly addictive.  The Bookbag

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