Friday, October 26, 2012

Yokai Attack- The Japanese monster survival guide

By: Hiroko Yoda and Matt Alt
Location: NF 398.2 YOD
Genre: I have no idea, part fantasy, part fact and written by Yoda!!!

J- Horror or Japanese Culture. Manga or fact? Monsters or myth? If you want a close encounter of the Japanese Monster kind, written by the wise old Yoda himself, who all things knows, for you this book is.
50 amazing creatures bought alive, illustrated, researched  with data supplied, mostly encountered at night, essential reading for any fan of monsters- mythical or not!
This is not a book I will be looking at, oh no, I like creatures with two eyes, tow legs and a normal brain, that eats, sleeps and feels- but I know that some of you will like  Seto Taisho  who has a teapot body, or Te-no-me  who has eyeballs on its palms, -yes weird'o this book is for you!! and along the way you might even find find out a few real facts.  Enjoy !!

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