Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Last Light

By: Andy McNab
Location: FIC McN
Genre: Andy McNab ( he gets his own!!)

A Nick Stone Thriller
Andy McNab is everywhere, you see his books in India, Singapore, Ghana, Kenya and Auckland airports, the crazy thing this is the last kind of book I would want to read sitting in a plane.
Why would your read about sanctioned assassination plots, guerilla warfare, and British Intelligence when you are confined to a tube in the sky flying over Somalia. The Daily Express calls this book a "heart thumping read"- great- so why sell them in airports then.. surely you want a  nice calm meandering book to read whilst buckled into your confined bony seat. Andy McNabs books keeps the airport book shops humming, the readers awake, and the ride a thrill, thank goodness he writes only fiction.... or does he?

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