Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The MERCY Series: Exile and Fury

By: Rebecca Lim
Location: FIC LIM
Genre: Angels

I believe in Angels, I reckon they exist and I reckon that guardian Angels are real. I have even heard a few stories from people I know and really trust that  confirm there existence. I would love to see one, but maybe I have and never recognised them.
Anyway this series is about Mercy- an exiled Angel- is cast to earth to live out thousands of different lives. This part differs from what I think Angels do, but it makes for a good story anyway. Mercy falls in love with Ryan, but falling in love with an angel is mortally dangerous, and this calls for war with Luc and his band of demons. I believe in them too.
In EXILE we see Mercy coming back in human form as a girl to care for her dying mother. Then Mercy remembers Ryan from her past life and wants to be re-united.
These books are an electric combination of angels, mystery and romance....

Maybe I need to look harder.

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