Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Darius & Twig

16240729By: Walter Dean Myers
Location: FIC MYE
Genre: Youth Fiction, Urban, Racism, Poverty, Sports, Harlem- that sums it up. Male POV

It does not take much to steal the dreams away from those who live on the brink. They are so busy dealing with stuff, that the possibility of flourishing seems distant. How do you fight families that don't cheer you on, how do you deal with being a success in a community that demands you fail, how do you escape expectations of criminality and substance abuse?
Is talent enough, being good at things- is that the escape route?
I have a friend in Cape Town that lives in a shack, and as I gaze up on my office wall I am reminded that Hazel was a top achiever at her college, she should be thriving, but her world collapses on her- often, and she doggy paddles to survive.
Hope- yep hope- it drives us, yet when it is challenged, everything fades, especially our dreams. This books is about dreams, and hopes and the constant bashing of them.

This small but powerful novel tells the story of two young street-smart guys from Harlem trying to escape the expectations and limitations set on them by teachers, bullies, poverty, racism, and – most profoundly – by their own internal struggles with the fear of failure. Darius - a gifted writer determined to flee the confines of his upbringing – and Twig – a talented runner seeking success and happiness – have been best friends since childhood and give each other the support, understanding, and companionship that each lacks in his own family. Myers shows his readers that the power of friendship, self-assurance, and doing the right thing can empower two troubled underdogs facing street violence and real hardship, allowing them to re-invent themselves as heroes. - Rebecca from Goodreads

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