Tuesday, May 27, 2014

No Shame, No Fear.

By: Ann Turnbull
Location: FIC TUR
Genre: History

"The complexities of social order and religious persecution unfold gracefully. A tender, involving story, beautifully told." — KIRKUS REVIEWS

It is classic, the clash of faith and culture. You would think they go hand and hand, they did for me. Our families culture was based on faith, what we did, believed, how we ate, celebrated, grieved, gave, and spent our time was all entwined around the base of my family- which was a faith, a belief structure. Our community shared the same cultural perspectives and it was a fulfilling, supportive and flourishing place to grow up in.
But what if you chuck in a counter culture, an opposing view, a family that was different, thought differently. It happened and it rocked my childhood world, why because it opened my world- it did give me perspective. The thing was - I was weird - the other kids in our rural conservative school shunned the differents, the outsiders- I embraced them. Maybe it truly was my family faith based culture in real form.
I cannot imagine what 1600's England was like, so much passion, anger, fear, misunderstanding, turmoil and conflict all around the issues of faith and culture. Quakers vs Puritans, vs Catholics, vs Protestants.
And what if you fell in love- with someone from the other faction- what then.
This book is based around the persecution of Quakers in Charles II England, it is about Will- a merchants son and Susanna - a Quaker. it is about true love- that goes beyond boundaries and crosses expectations.
I love the language
"Both men glared at me for my impertinence, at once I felt admonished...and rightly so. It was bred into me not to speak disrespectfully to an older person"...

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