Friday, May 23, 2014

Line of Fire

 Author: BAR
Location: GRA BAR
Genre: War, Sketches Diary

“We need the voice of a witness to tell the unadulterated truth. We have it in the remarkable book.
— Michael Morpurgo
As you guys know I have put a lot effort into learning about some of our students who went to WWI. As I have discovered these lads, learnt who they were, their stories I have become almost enthralled by the WWI saga. Stories of pain, filth, cold, mud, hopelessness. Stories of comradeship, bravery and loyalty. Stories of blind obedience, foolish leaders and impossible odds. They question I always end up with is ...  why?
This is a Graphic Novel, drawn in bold sketch, not much detail, it is dark and simple- it is profound. Barroux the author was walking the streets of Paris and he found a diary, from a soldier in the First World War. It had been chucked out. No-one knows who it was, we just have his words - his recollections.
Barroux rescued the diary and put illustrations to the words and so we have it- a real WWI voice, an unknown voice, illustrated and gifted back to us- so we will never forget. The diary ends abruptly just after two months of the soldier  writing it, no-one knows why he stopped.
It always ends the same... Why?

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