Monday, May 12, 2014

The Geography of Me and You

18295852By: Jennifer E.Smith
Location: FIC SMI
Genre: First Love

Well that was fun, three of my wonderful Year 12 students filling me on the boys in their life. All three girls have embarked on young love, kind of takes me back! I wondered why there was two of them holding hands in my office.. man I'm slow!
This story is about young love- first love. It is written beautifully!

Lucy and Owen get stuck in a lift- near the 10th floor and guess what happens? They fall in like and then they go to different parts of the world. Can they, will they keep connected? Email is such a great tool for this, but Owen and Lucy- they use- postcards!
The Geography of You and Me is one part guided world tour, teenaged Meg Ryan movie, one part "I can't believe that just happened", and altogether AMAZING!!! according to one Goodread reviewer.

The Geography of You and Me is about so much more than a journey of travel. It is about life and the twists, turns, hills, and valleys that make up its scenery. It is about moments, and how those moments come to shape who we are. It is about choice and how we choose what and who is important to our existence. It is about love...and the lengths we will go to follow our hearts.

One of the big ideas in this book is that home is not a place, or a location- rather it is a person. I guess for many in my country this idea is not acceptable, because land and place ARE people, it is called Turangawaewae, they co-exist to determine who you are. In this book- place does not matter, what matters are people- even in death.
Hmm I wonder if anyone in Cambridge got stuck in a lift and met each other that way, must ask!

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