Thursday, August 27, 2015

Amy and Roger's Epic Detour

By: Morgan Matson
Location: FIC MAT
Genre: Road trip- Self discovery

5000 ratings on Goodreads with an average of 4.06- that is huge!

 Katrina said this book that inspired her to download about 50 albums before I was even finished reading it!
This book is very clever and really well done because there are pictures, drawings, receipts, maps and song mixes interspersed throughout the text, it makes the road trip so real.
A friend of mine died in a car accident and an even closer friend was seriously injured, I get how a car accident can freak you out and make jumping in a car a very anxious experience.. and then to go on a road trip!
Amy Curry has to get her Mom’s car to Connecticut from California. Her Mom sold the family house and has already moved there. Amy stayed to finish out her school year but that’s over and it’s time to move. Trouble is Amy can’t drive since she was in a car accident with her father three months ago. Her father didn’t make it. So Amy’s mother arranges for the son of a family friend, Roger, to drive her. Her mother even plans out the itinerary, hotel reservations and all. Amy does not like this plan at all, the thought of being cooped up in a car with a stranger for five days does not appeal to her. She has become a pro at escaping people and human interaction since her father’s death, but it’s a little hard to get away from someone when you’re riding for hours in the car with them. Enter Roger, college student of Colorado College on summer break, who much to Amy’s surprise is really cute. Together they begin to trust each other and open up, unthawing, and coming to grips with reality, Amy starts to let other backs in especially Roger

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