Friday, August 7, 2015

"Off Loading with Sonny Bill" and "Jammin with Steven Adams"

By: David Riley
Location: NF 760 and 796
Genre: Sporting Icons

These are great books that tells the stories of two of our greatest current sporting icons. 
Steven Adams- wow, what a story. I started to read this book and just could not stop reading it, this guy, his family, and his caregiver called Blossom- what an amazing lady, just grabbed me. His story shows so clearly that it takes a village to raise a man- and his success is due not only to his hard work, his determination, his genetics and his talent- but also because a bunch of people believed in him and put that belief into action!

This weekend, it is all on. SBW is playing number 12 for the All Blacks against the Wallabies. It will be his 25th match. I am not a huge fan of SBW but I am slowly being won over. I kind of thought he was a sportsman who only cared about himself, his glory, his honour, his achievements and being a Cantab I value loyalty and "doing it for the team"- the all for one and one for all thing. SBW did not fit with that in my mind. But in reading more and maybe in SBW growing up some, or his media crew presenting him differently I am becoming more a fan of a man that apparently works incredibly hard and who is very loyal to his team mates- lets just see if he can now be consistant on the rugby field and add a bit more than utterly brilliant off-loads.  But then he will do the World Cup and  then chase his Olympic gold medal- sorry Chiefs- he has other fish to fry now!

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