Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Catalyst

By: Helena Coggan
Location: FIC COG
Genre: Fantasydystopia--post-apocalyptic, or para-supernatural? You chose!

The author was 13 when she wrote her first draft of this book and it was published when she was 15! So to all you aspiring authors out there, Helena Coggan proves it can be done!
My daughter would never read this book- it has an eyeball on the cover- if any of you are her students- ask her what she thinks of eyeballs:)

Rose Elmsworth has a secret. For eighteen years, the world has been divided into the magically Gifted and the non-magical Ashkind, but Rose's identity is far more dangerous. At fifteen, she has earned herself a place alongside her father in the Department, a brutal law-enforcement organisation run by the Gifted to control the Ashkind. But now an old enemy is threatening to start a catastrophic war, and Rose faces a challenging test of her loyalties. How much does she really know about her father's past? How far is the Department willing to go to keep the peace? And, if the time comes, will Rose choose to protect her secret, or the people she loves

"This was an absolutely impressive debut novel from a young voice who is fast going attract a huge following. Hunger Games eat your heart out."- Liz

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