Thursday, August 20, 2015

Press Here

By: Henre Tullet
Location: Everywhere around the library
Genre: Interactive Picture Book

What a great book, it is one of those books that makes people look weird, they put there heads on their side  and they shake and they tilt their bodies.
They look strange!
This book is ruined already, the cover is damaged, I just did not get it processed in time and the students in the library have devoured it with fervor.
The book demands to be touched. Press here, it invites, with the tantalizing image of a yellow dot. As the reader complies and then turns the page, he discovers the previously unknown power he wields over paper and ink: he has single-fingeredly changed the picture. One dot has turned into two. Press it again, and the dots keep responding, multiplying, flying across the pages, delighting any reader who has a mischievious sense of humor and playful suspension of belief. With a cheeky nod to increasingly ubiquitous touchscreens and interactive software, Tullet has created a book that boasts to iPads: "Anything you can do, I can do too!" And maybe even better - according to Allison!

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