Thursday, August 27, 2015

Winging It... Random Tales from the Right Wing

By: Cory Jane and Scotty Stevenson
Location: NF 920 JAN
Genre: Rugby Yarns

We have a brand spanking new display in the library for the Rugby World Cup. I name my displays and this one is called "A World in Union". I am a big rugby fan so all our All Blacks, especially our LEGENDS are showcased.  But we have also linked the  countries who will contest the RWC to authors and books from those nations- all in all it works really well. I just wonder how long it will be until my All Black balloons get popped!
This book is about an All Black who is a real character- I follow him on Twitter and he is a funny guy, but he is also a man who has cleverly balanced life and professional sport. He has 4 kids and he sounds like an awesome Dad! Much respect Cory!!

An All Blacks  jokester/prankster  is the World Cup-winning winger Cory ‘CJ’ Jane. A Commonwealth Games Sevens gold medallist and frontline All Black since 2008, Jane is one of the funniest men in New Zealand rugby. In Winging It: Random Tales from the Right Wing Jane takes the mickey out of everything — and everyone! — rugby. No player or occasion is spared the sharp-witted Jane tongue. Get all the goss from the usually fortress-like inner All Blacks sanctum and, most of all, find out all the stuff the players did not want you to know.

This is a quirky biography that answers all the BIG questions: * Who threatened to beat Cory every day until he cut his dreads?
* Which team mate tours with a sunbed?
* Who is the loudest snorer?
* Which player is moulting like a labradoodle?
* Which rugby superstar knocked Cory out?

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