A Snow Garden

By: Rachel Joyce
Location: FIC JOY
Genre: Short Stories of Christmas

"Joyce has an unerring ability to convey profound emotions"

“We are at the centre of our own stories. And sometimes it is hard to believe that we are not at the centre of other people’s.” 

This will be my first holiday read, because of Harold Fry and his pilgrimage and I loved Miss Hennessys garden.
This book will be a great starter for the holidays, 7 short stores all based around Christmas, I can lay back before Christmas and warm my reading taste buds up with a short read that makes my mind meander into Christmas cheer with some depth and meaning!

Ananada from Goodreads.com says  this about this collection:

‘A Snow Garden and Short Stories’ is definitely a festive must read. It’s so unlike any other Christmas books I’ve ever read. There are seven stories included and each and one of them is so special and magical and nothing like the festive stories I’ve read so far. Unlike most Christmas, that are fluffy and cheery, ‘A Snow Garden and Other Stories’ brings seven stories that are so memorable and poignant. The characters felt so real I thought they’d jump off the pages.

The stories are short yet amazingly complex and each one of them brings a huge message about life, family and love. And of course, all happen during Christmas and you can absolutely feel the Christmas spirit and that Christmas magic. The stories are full of clever symbolism, speaking about big life truths and making you think about your own life and the choices you make.


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