What is Mrs Featonby reading these holidays?

Happy holidays everyone!

I thought I would try to post a picture of all the books I read these school holidays. I will also say if they are from the school library, town library, or my own bookshelf.

From the school library FIC SUG. A good light read- girl meets boys and voila!

From the school library FIC TRE. Novel about family, a mystery when one of the twins dies, and living on a secluded island. Not a young adult, so good for more mature readers.

From the school library FIC VAN
A great little dystopian novel- every one is dying from a terrible disease, but Joy appears to be immune!

This one is from the town library. Basically there is a virus so the fancy pants people by a condo/apartment in a silo underground to wait it out.
People get killed, relationships are strained... what's going on?!

This one is also from the town library. A nice little piece of fiction about Kevin who is socially awkward and attends trivia quiz nights.

This is a non-fiction book from the town library and is about how women (and men) in the work force.

This is my own book. It's about a lady that loses her memory and makes some changes to the way she lives her life.

This is a school library book. FIC SMI
Boy + girl in an elevated that has frozen between floors = romance.

This is my book.
Scandinavian crime is my #1 thing to read.

School library- new!
I was lucky enough to be the first to read this novel. Mrs Bichan recommended it to me for my holiday reading and to consider as a Year 13 text- I read it in two sittings!
Rosemary and Lowell have a sister named Fern. And then she disappears.

This is my own book and I bought it on the recommendation of Mrs Bichan. I really like French things (I also have a French degree) and this book combined France + literature =  perfecto. There are also lots of nice characters along this somewhat of a mature bildungsroman.

This is one of my own books (as you can already tell I stocked up for the holidays!) This is a mystery/crime set in a Canadian village on the US border.

This is another book that I bought (I have run out of school library books- sorry!)

This is a crime/mystery book- LOVE.

This was a great novel about a husband and wife (and 17 year old son) travelling around Europe attempting to mend tattered relationships.

J.K Rowling actually writes really well for an 'adult' audience. I love the Strike Cormoran series and could wait to read this one. I wanted a different ending though!

This MAY be my list book before school officially is back next Tuesday... I am trying for ONE more though... fingers crossed!

Keep checking back as I will update on this post as I read.

Happy reading!


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