Signing out for the year

Well that was 2015 and for six weeks this blog will remain silent as I sit on the beach and read books, enjoy family and soak up some sun.
It has been a grand year with a record number of books issued out from our school, with a 41% increase in fiction. Who said paper books are obsolete.. not here they arent!
Our top reads in the school for this year

  1. The Maze Runner
  2. Looking for Alaska
  3. Divergent
  4. Gone
  5. All the bright places
  6. Slated
  7. Divine Madness
  8. Class A
  9. The recruit
  10. The Secret Crusade
Our top reader issued 197 books!  This blog has been hit now 92000 times, not bad for a little New Zealand School.
Have a great holidays, be back in February with reviews on my summer reads!
Miss Featonby may post in the holidays- she is good like that!
Here is my favourites for 2015!


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