Discovery Channel Sharkopedia: The Complete Guide to Everything Shark

By: Discovery
Location: NF 597.3 SHA
Genre: Sharks- not the rugby ones either!

My son and my sister in law follow sharks online. Yes I know- it seems weird. These sharks are tagged with microchips and you can see where they are swimming and follow there routes. They have names like Bruce the Shark or Phyllis, or Finn! You can become there friend.
Sadly it wont tell you how many cute fishes they have gobbled up or surfers they had scared the living daylights out off, but is a fun app anyway!
So if you are a shark lover and need to know more- this book is for you!

Discovery Sharkopedia, is the definitive visual guide to everything there is to know about sharks! With more than 400 incredible color photos of the world's most infamous sharks, including great white, bull, and tiger sharks, Sharkopedia explores the evolution of sharks-did you know sharks have been swimming in the world's oceans since before dinosaurs roamed the earth?-and introduces kids to almost 500 known shark species with close-up portraits of each and fun "fin facts" throughout.

Discover what makes sharks expert hunters with detailed sections about shark anatomy, habitats, life cycles, surprising behaviors, and more. Sharkopedia also provides shark conservation resources and offers suggestions for ways to help these amazing, often misunderstood, creatures continue to survive. 


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