Holiday Time

By: Degree of the state
Location: Wellington and Waiheke island
Genre: reading, sleeping, eating and family

Yes it is time for us in New Zealand to have two weeks off school and therefore two weeks off this blog! When I get back we will be celebrating a huge milestone- 100,000 hits on the blog (we are 99,960 at the moment!) Not bad for a little school in the bottom of the world.
AND when we come back we will have new carpet in our library!

What am  I reading in the holidays- the new Sebastian Faulks novel-
Where my Heart Used to Beat- its a bit of a heavy read, but well written is my pick, WW1 story about a doctor who is reflecting on his life and the life of his father.
‘A masterpiece… This is a terrific novel, humming with ideas, knowing asides, shafts of sunlight, shouts of laughter and moments of almost unbearable tragedy’ Sunday Telegraph 
Saint Mazie I am also going to read Saint Mazie as well, .The novel's protagonist, Mazie Phillips-Gordon is a little spitfire. She's tough, spunky, feisty, loving, sentimental, and most of all - generous. Through Mazie's diary entries, we see the world through her eyes during the Great Depression (New York City). Mazie helps the homeless (mostly men) anyway she can. For two decades Mazie is a ticket-taker at The Venice movie theater. Her devotion to the poor starts when she meets an alcoholic mother of starving children. Perhaps remembering her own childhood under an abusive father, she vows to do all she can for the down-and-out. This is historical fiction – but not as we’re accustomed to it.  A hard-nosed heroine with a heart of gold, Mazie will leave her mark on you.- lets see if I reckon it is as good as this review from Goodreads says it is!

And I will catch a few DVDs.  Our local DVD store has closed down and we have heaps of new DVDs in the library to now watch!. 


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