2017- School is back

                                                  By: Cambridge High School Library 

Location: In the centre of the school- its the hub

Genre: A community of people that call our place "school". Whether it is the staff, the students and or staffs children- we are here for all, we are a family.

Hi everyone, it has been a long break. It is our summer break in New Zealand, it is now over and school is back in! I read a bit over the break, some books I loved, others I found challenging but didn't love them, others got the big DNF (Did Not Finish). There are too many books to read to agonize over the ones you don't connect with.So here were my winners for summer 2017! Four of the best, big range here, fantasy, short stories, historical fiction and some literary fiction. Also read a bit by a guy called Henri Nouwen, that was reflective for my soul!


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