When Friendship Followed Me Home

By: Paul Griffin
30078173Location: FIC GRI
Genre: Dogs, tough living, libraries and a boys best mat

"It's utterly lovely, yet explores issues of abandonment, domestic violence, homelessness, illness, grief and socioeconomic diversity. It was utterly beautiful and has stayed with me long after the final page was turned. "- Kelly

What a combo, dogs, life and librarians! I get that, I really do. We had a dog one, REX the Dog. He was a foxxy, wicked, hilarious, kind, mean, beautiful, cunning, and our sons best friend.
Dog are like that.
They do for you what people sometimes cant.
Ben in this story is a foster kid, an outsider, a sci-fi reader who plays it safe in the library.  Then he meets another fellow book lover, a girl. Then a scruffy dog follows him home and they become mates. Finally Ben feels he belongs somewhere! he has a community, a village- at last!
Then he faces deep loss, heartbreak- is there enough around Ben, to hold him through it all?

I love how Gary Schmidt reviews this book
When Friendship Followed Me Home is both a beautiful book, and an honest book; it is, in fact, beautiful because it is honest. We see the pain of loss and the glory of community. We see love in its many forms, and we witness the truth that love goes on despite all barriers. Cheer for Ben and Halley: it is kids like these who are our hope.’


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