I know this to be true

Image result for 9780473361341By: Famous Kiwis
Location: 920 SAL
Genre: Famous Kiwis

I love this book- it speaks of us, our people doing our stuff in our place.

and other stuff
that matters
for sixty
New Zealanders
in the
middle of

Chelsea Winter, Steve Hanson, Mahe Drysdale, Valerie Adams,Rhys darby, we know these names, but do we know who they really are and what are the drivers in their lives. It may surprise you to read what they have to say!
Then there are famous Kiwis I dont know about- Zoe Bell, Sir George Fistonich, Joel Tobeck- who are these movers and shalers that have helped define us and we dont even know about them!

This book is a classic coffee table book- or in our place- library beanbag book.

Read, by inspired and challenged to go and do exploits and peruse the talents and giftings you have been blessed to be given!


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