The Fall of Butterflies

By: Andrea Portes
Location: FIC POR
Genre: We Were Liars meets Looking for Alaska

“So you're like… living in the margins, making your case in the margins, trying to make a difference maybe, from the margins...but nobody really wants to listen to you. To see you.
'Cause you’re not the story they want to tell.”
― Andrea Portes, The Fall of Butterflies  

This is the story of Willa and Remy, two girls who become amazing friends while at an ivy league high school. Willa has a mother that is famous for her brain, while her father is just a regular guy. Willa grew up with her father so he had a rather normal upbringing, except for when it came to what Willa did academically. That is when her mother kicked into gear and did her best to dictate what happen. Remy is the type of girl with an infectious personality, everyone just wants to be friends with her. Remy does Willa a favor when she befriends her and allows her into her crazy world. Each girl has their own demons to fight and this friendship really good for either of them

"The story is a very dark-underbelly-of-the-young-and-rich type of thing. This girl from Iowa--apparently that just means she's from nowhere??--catches the attention of another girl whose mere presence seems to inspire awe from everyone around her. Girl-from-Iowa clings to this new and exciting friendship and feels oh so lucky and happier, but then the awe-inspiring girl says "hey, you want to know my dark secret" and starts showing all her cracks and faults as she introduces girl-from-Iowa to a rich, yet empty way of living. Okay, there's much more to it than that. Think of The Great Gatsby.
Also, I got this subtle "be grateful for what you have" message and I adored that!

- Kaitlin,


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