Friday, May 26, 2017

Birdy Flynn

By: Sarah waters
Location: FIC DON
Genre: Young Adult

A delightful, real, complex and thought provoking read. Highly recommend it.

An uncompromising and uniquely powerful novel about growing up, making friends and being true to yourself.

It is the summer and a group of children are playing down by a stream when they do a terrible thing. Something that Birdy tries unsuccessfully to avert. While the other children in the gang find it easy to forget what they have done, Birdy is trapped in the moment and feels bound to do something to make amends. But how does a child face up to responsibility and find the courage to do the right thing?

Birdy Flynn follows a 12 year old girl (Birdy Flynn) growing up in 1982 London during the IRA bombings. The story starts out with the family cat being tortured by her group of male friends, and Birdy feels powerless to stop it. When the boys take off, she puts the cat out of her misery, and this secret tortures her throughout the novel.

Then there are more secrets. Because Birdy is taken advantage of by a teacher she once really liked, and Birdy doesn't feel quite like a girl should feel. She does not like to be called "young lady" and when mistaken for a boy, she feels a secret thrill inside.
No longer friends with the group of boys, Birdy tries to find her way on her own, carrying secrets and guilt, and the discomfort of not being on the outside the way she feels on the inside. She makes an effort to be the way she is "supposed" to be, but it only gets her into more trouble...RIVER

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