Monday, May 22, 2017

The Garvie Smith Mysteries - Running Girl and Kid Got Shot

Image result for garvie smith By: Simon Mason
Location: FIC MS
Genre: Like Sherlock but lazier
Series: The Garvie Smith Mysteries
Shortlisted for the Costa Children Book Award
Meet Garvie Smith: Charming, brilliant and completely bone idle. If anything can get his attention, it might just be a murder.
 Image result for garvie smithChloe Dow was as beautiful as she was … not a nice person (at least in the eyes of her peers). But still, she did not deserve to meet such a tragic end.

The community is shocked by her death and DI Singh has been entrusted with the task to bring the perpetrator of her crime to justice…If only, teenager Garvie Smith kept his nose out of it, it would make his job a lot easier.

Unfortunately, Garvie who is a brilliant mind and equally the greatest underachiever in his school was yet to have his mind stimulated until the case of Chloe Dow came along to DI Singh’s dismay.

“Running Girl” is a very well balanced piece of literature with the right amount of crime ingredients mixed in with YA elements. It is well paced, heavy with mystery and enough clues dropped along the way with a good build up to the culminating moment revealing the murderer, which by the way I did not suspect at all!!.- Virginie

"The mystery is excellent- while reading I was constantly at a stage of low-level, baffled frustration, which is exactly how I want to feel while reading a whodunnit..." Kiera-

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