Friday, May 5, 2017

My Cool Scooter

By: Chris Haddan
23398583Location: NF629
Genre: Brmmm brmmmm

I owned a Vespa, it was yellow and black and I called is Buzz. I blew it up- sadly. I loved that bike. Scooters are so cool, they ooze style and class, when I am old instead of a mobility scooter I am going to get another vesper! It will be yellow and black and called -Buzz2!

In the mean time I will drool over this book and only pizza from delivers who use scooters!!!

Much more than just a mode of transport, the humble scooter is fashionable, stylish, and trendy. As many of the stories featured here demonstrate, owners take their scooters on miraculous adventures form city streets to glorious country escapes. Taking examples from across different continents and cultures, this book explores the most iconic brands of scooter, from Vespa and Prima to Cushman and Goggo. Each section covers a selection of historical information, owners' stories, and vehicle notes. For scooter owners or those interested in scooter history, this book will inspire and intrigue

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