Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Foreign and Domestic

By:A. J Tata
Image result for 9780786035403Location: FIC TAT
Genre: Thriller
Series: Captain Jake Mahegan#1    

"Gripping and Gritty "

We have the first three books in this series now on our library.

One year ago, Captain Jake Mahegan led a Delta Force team into Afghanistan to capture an American traitor working for the Taliban. The mission ended in tragedy. The team was infiltrated and decimated by a bomb. An enemy prisoner was killed. Mahegan was4 dismissed from service--dishonored forever. Now, haunted by the incident, Mahegan is determined to clear his name. The military wants him to stand down. But when the American Taliban returns to domestic soil--headed by the traitor who ruined his life--Mahegan is the only man who knows how to stop him. Outside the law. Under the radar. Out for vengeance. . .

"Love it!

If you are looking for a strong plot written by a man with perfect insight into the military industrial complex, this is a book for you. The protagonist, Capt. Jake Mahegan, has the right skill set to be the perfect action hero, and enough personal demons to make him interesting. The supporting cast includes the evil terrorist, the ex-military sellouts, the ace-in-the-hole general, and the beautiful and uniquely talented female civilian.

I found the story line highly enjoyable. I highly recommend it and I look forward to readin
g the next book in the series as well as other works by this talented author."- Darin-

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