Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Paris Adrift

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Genre: Sci Fi fantasy

"It's magical, ethereal, straight up gorgeous. "

Paris Adrift by E.J. Swift is a science fiction fantasy read that features time travel through various times in Paris.

"What an utterly delightful time-travel/atmospheric tale of freedom, choice, and Paris. I was struck by just how descriptive and easy the text flowed, but then I was sucked in to all the different time periods as I drifted through the theater of 1875, from catacombs to bohemians, from Moulin Rouge to Moulin Vert... all the way to 2017 with crowded bars and modern woes... to a dystopian and war-torn future of 2042 that includes time travelers and the ever dreaded and alluring Anomaly in the timestream."- Bradley

The Time Machine meets Midnight In Paris 

Paris Was Supposed to Save Hallie. Now...Well, Let's Just Say Paris Has Other Ideas.

There's a strange woman called The Chronometrist who will not leave her alone. Garbled warnings from bizarre creatures keep her up at night. And there's a time portal in the keg room of the bar where she works.

Soon, Hallie is tumbling through the turbulent past and future Paris, making friends, changing the world — and falling in love.

But with every trip, Hallie loses a little of herself, and every infinitesimal change she makes ripples through time, until the future she's trying to save suddenly looks nothing like what she hoped for..

"This isn't the sort of time travel book where there's a lot of sci-fi elements alongside the time hopping. There's no fancy time machine, no spaceships, no futuristic aliens. At times, it reads like a contemporary novel following Hallie's journey in Paris working at Millie's bar. But then, just like Hallie, you get ripped from the present and thrust into a new time, forced to navigate the era.
Each time period had a different vibe matching the atmosphere. Each one better than the one before it. And that first chapter. What a great opening!
However, I do wish we got to see more of the future from the first chapter where the world is literally ending. It felt so desperate and hopeless.
Hallie was a great choice for a main character. She lost her way in life and Paris (time travel and all) really set her on the right track to finding herself.
Overall: fantastic plot, fantastic characters, and fantastic time travel.  Paris Adrift is a unique and worthy addition to the time travel genre!" Dana and the books- Goodreads.com

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