Wednesday, November 21, 2012

100 Ways for every girl to look and feel fantatsic

By: Alice Hart- Davis and Beth Hindhaugh
Genre: Beauty, fashion and wellbing
Location: NF 647.7 HAR

I needed this book when I was 14, probably still do now, in fact I am going to a wedding on Saturday and I might steal a few tips from it- ones that suit me. I love the  " just add a scarf" page, or the tips on fitness, then there is the various options on how one should deal with body hair, relaxation techniques, how to shape your eye brows, what foundation is best and how to flatter your body shape. All this is useful, but what is awesome is the last chapter on Wellbeing. How to be stunning on the inside, how to be proud of who you are, how to beat your inner critic and how to be your own fabulous self!! This makes this book all worthwhile and one I reckon every female at this school can relate to and learn from. Now should I go for a pixie cut or a bob and should I will spend some time exfoliating my lip?

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