Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Chronicles of Narnia

By: C.S.Lewis
Location: FIC LEW
Genre: Narnia

One of our student librarians gave me a telling off, we did not have the Chronicles of Narnia in separate volumes, just in the omnibus and people take it out for far to long. He said ALL libraries should have each book and we did not!! I agree with him, so I have fixed this up for him.
It amazes me that a student in 2012 can demand nicely a series of books that kids in the 1960's were demanding as well- that tells you the power of Narnia. I follow C.S Lewis on Twitter and he has been long dead, that tells you the power of the author.
It seems strange that a lion, a witch, fauns, centaurs, minotaurs and some children have captured us for so long, is it the Greek mythology, is it the Christian message subtlety hidden in there, is it Aesop's Fable type messages, or is it that the story is just so brilliant- it is the most "read allowed to children" series ever- so they say!!! Whatever it is- we have them all in separate books, brand new, wonderfully illustrated and I guarantee you, these books will be the eldest written most popular books in our library in 2013!!!

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