Tuesday, November 6, 2012


By: Chris Ryan
Location: FIC RYA
Genre: War and SAS stuff

It is the US election tomorrow, I have been following it and have found myself having a preferred president as the race has progressed. Even people from far away in New Zealand care, I was asking some of our students about it, and a couple of them suggested that it would not affect them at all- they are wrong, so wrong.
Chris Ryan has written his latest book on events that shape us, determined by the actions of the US president.  It is about what happened the day Osama Bin Laden was killed- taken out, by the presidents orders.
SAS hero Joe Mansfield was there, he watched Seal Team 6 go in, he saw it all- ALL and that means he now has seen to much. People want Joe dead.  As the front of the book says " The first casualty of war is the truth, the second is your soul". The Sun says this story is shockingly authentic and will keep your adrenaline pumping as fast as the blood on the pages of the book.
The Presidential election is going to be a close fought thing, and whoever wins, will make decisions that impact us, even in New Zealand. If that is eliminating  evil terrorists from treachery and hunting down despots that destroy, or guiding the USA through economic recovery, the US presidents actions impact us, and give authors great subjects for good books.

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