Thursday, November 1, 2012


By: Anthony Horowitz
Location: FIC HOR
Genre: Horowitz- you know what I mean!

What makes nice tempered, polite, great librarians turn into squabbling, fighting ratbags- OBLIVION!!! When they saw it on my desk, the bargaining was intense, the deals between them managerial and the promises immense. The problem is the seniors have exams and I cannot with integrity give them a book that will stop them studying. Juniors win this time!!!
This is the fifth and final in the series, it is big, it is long and it is intense.
Having escaped from Hong Kong, the Five Gatekeepers - Matt, Pedro, Scott, Jamie and Scarlett - are scattered in a hostile and dangerous world. As they struggle to re-group and plan their next move, the malevolent King of the Old Ones gathers his forces in Oblivion: a desolate landscape where the last survivors of humanity must fight the ultimate battle.

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