Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Jerome Kaino- My Story

By: Jerome Kaino
Location: NF 920 KAI
Genre: Growing up in South Auckland and playing rugby!

"Through adversity came strength"

I started to read this book, in the part about growing up in South Auckland, it was a bit like A Fault in our Stars. I sat and read that for 45 minutes without moving- before it became famous. This book got me, the yarn, the stories of New Zealand childhood, I learnt some stuff , I remembered some stuff. It is compelling... and then there is some rugby stories as well!

The revealing autobiography of New Zealand rugby legend Jerome Kaino.

At just 21 years old Jerome Kaino was touted as the next big thing in world rugby. In his first year of professional rugby, he made spectacular debuts for Auckland, the Blues and the All Blacks. It was a dream beginning for this quiet Samoan kid from South Auckland. But just as quickly as it all began, his career took a sharp turn for the worse, his life spiralling out of control.

With over 50 All Black caps, 100 matches for the Blues and a Rugby World Cup victory to his name, Jerome Kaino is one of New Zealand's true sporting heroes. Now for the very first time, Kaino lays bare his greatest triumphs and adversities, with rare insights ahead of perhaps his greatest test of all - winning back-to-back world cups for New Zealand

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