Friday, September 11, 2015

The Epic Book of Epicness

By: Adam Frost
Location: NF 030.2 FRO
Genre: Interesting and Disgusting Facts

The boys are drawling over this book in my office quoting hideous information to each other about how much drawl we swallow and how many insects I will eat in my life time. Boys- why do you like this stuff???

Have to say I loved finding out that Japanese pigs say Boo Boo not Oink Oink!

This is EPIC knowledge about the weirdest, silliest, funniest, scariest and most worrisome things in the whole world, ever!
Its also dead scary. If all the dead people on earth came back to like as Zombies there would be 101 billion Zombies in the world.
And in the UK there are 50 million pet fish! There you have it, an awesome book of epic epicness!
Its a good Friday book and is sure to make your family gag and laugh and be amazed at this world we live in and just perhaps give it a little more respect for being the awesome earth that it is!

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