Monday, September 21, 2015


By: Sarah Crossan
Location: FIC CRO
Genre: life connected to your sister, family, drama, poetry, realisitc fiction

Grace and Tippi are twins, in fact they are conjoined twins. They have been homeschooled for a large portion of their lives, but now it is time for them to venture into the real world, or reality.

We all know the real world is full of judging people, of those people who stare and snigger, so how will two girls who are physically (and emotionally) dependent on each other cope? Can they find real friends? And what about love?

In the end they learn some nice, and some not so nice, truths about the world, and have to make one of (if not the) biggest decisions of their lives.

This is another book by the author of 'Apple and Rain' and once again she writes so beautifully and shares the truth of the world in a way that really made me think.
Mrs Bichan reviewed 'Apple and Rain' here

This novel was so intriguing because it was divided into months of the year and written entirely in poetry. Does that make is a novel or an anthology of poetry...? Some of the poems are short, and others are long. All of the poems have a meaningful title and they all help to beautifully propel Grace and Tippi's story/stories along.

This novel is currently rated as 4.36/5 on

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  1. Mrs Featonby you are rocking this blog. Thanks heaps. Might just go to the airport bookshop and find this one!