How Not To Disappear

By: Clare Furniss
28801192Location: FIC FUR
Genre: Youth Fiction

Our memories are what make us who we are. Some are real. Some are made up. But they are the stories that tell us who we are. Without them we are nobody. 

What is my first memory- we just had a discussion in the library office-
for one of us it was riding a trike, another was visiting their new baby brother- for me it was a fight with a cousin over a biscuit.... and warm milk in a bottle at playcentre- yuck!
I wonder if what we remember is true to the event- or if we somehow morph it into something different. My daughter did some stuff on this at uni and what she recalled as a 5 year old was pretty bang on to my recollections- and those things shape us and mould us and give us our stories! Like this book

Hattie's summer isn't going as planned. Her two best friends have abandoned her: Reuben has run off to Europe to 'find himself" and Kat is in Edinburgh with her new girlfriend. Meanwhile Hattie is stuck babysitting her twin siblings and dealing with endless drama around her mum's wedding. Oh, and she's also just discovered that she's pregnant with Reuben's baby…Then Gloria, Hattie's great-aunt who no one even knew existed, comes crashing into her life. Gloria's fiercely independent, rather too fond of a gin sling and is in the early stages of dementia. Together the two of them set out on a road trip of self-discovery - Gloria to finally confront the secrets of her past before they are erased from her memory forever and Hattie to face the hard choices that will determine her future…
Non Pratt's Trouble meets Thelma and Louise with a touch ofElizabeth is Missing by Emma Healey, Clare Furniss' remarkableHow Not To Disappear is an emotional rollercoaster of a novel that will make you laugh and break your heart


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