Friday, September 29, 2017

Gap Year in Ghost Town

33296222By: Michael Pryor
Location: FIC PRY
Genre: Fantasy- Paranormal- Ghost 

Let's get this straight - ghosts are everywhere. I can see them. You can't. And, see them or not, they're dangerous. This is why my family has hunted ghosts for hundreds of years to protect people like you.

The Marin family are outcasts of the ghost hunting world. They run a two-man operation in inner city Melbourne. Anton has the Ghost-sight, but his father does not.

Rani Cross is supremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat, with enhanced speed and strength thanks to her magical initiation into the Company of the Righteous.

When it comes to ghost-hunting methodology, Anton and Rani don't see eye to eye - Anton likes to 'ease their passage' to the next world, while Rani's all about the slashing.

But Melbourne is under threat; with a massive spike in violent ghost manifestations, Anton and Rani must find a way to work together to keep supernatural forces at bay.

And what with all the blindingly terrifying brushes with death, Anton must decide if he really wants in on the whole ghost hunting biz anyway.

“ You looked as if you’d become intensely interested in what’s happening.’
‘I was just being polite.’
‘Oh. And here I was, thinking that you were accidentally showing your true, deep attraction to the complexities of ghosts and ghost hunting.’”

“‘Why do I get the feeling that this unlikely one is the important one?’ I asked the ceiling.
Stupid ceiling. Didn’t have an answer.”

“ ‘A monkey could do that.’
‘A trained monkey,’ Bec said.
‘Why’s everyone looking at me?’ I said. ‘And why do I feel like eating a banana?’”

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