Monday, September 25, 2017

The true colour of forever

34839652By: Carrie Firestone
Location : FIC FIR
Genre: Romance

This novel combines humour, romance and wisdom while taking on timely issues including teen drug abuse, bullying, ethnic discrimination, and the importance of being kind and doing good.

After high school senior Sadie helps a baby in distress, she becomes an internet sensation and is introduced to other 'hometown heroes'. Despite all their differences, the five teens hatch passionate plans to secretly right local wrongs. But when they breach the boundaries of their world, they discover that there might be truth in the saying 'no good deed goes unpunished'.

Sadie is a high school junior who hung out with the seniors, as her own class was full of losers. The summer after she said goodbye to them all, including her bestie, she goes to work at a local fruit and veg stand--at least, she starts the summer doing that. Then comes the Incident. Which changes everything.

"Sadie is our narrator, fiercely observant, full of big questions, full of heart. She ends up at a community lunch where she meets some other local teens. The group of them get together, and then decide to form a secret organization that does random acts of kindness.

The story involves them all--goals, setbacks, motivations, promises. Problems, such as one girl's horrible descent into heroin addiction. Misunderstandings. Along the way, parents slowly become human beings, with pasts and problems of their own.

It's a fast-paced, vivid book full of typical teen humor, passion, grim things and good things. A dash of wish fulfillment, but in the best way. I found the book nearly impossible to put down."- Sherwood

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