Monday, September 18, 2017

The Last Days of Magic

By: Mark Tompkins
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Genre: Fantasy- Historical Fiction

Fantastic . . . an honest, beautifully detailed book and an entertaining read."

"A fantastical treat."

"Simultaneously sweeping and intricate . . . Tompkins's amazing debut novel conjures an epic battle for the soul of Ireland. Filled with papal machination and royal intrigue, magic and mayhem, faeries, Vikings, legates, kings and queens, angels and goddesses, this is one wild and breathless ride."


In the thirteenth century depicted in THE LAST DAYS OF MAGIC, magic is still a part of the world and Ireland is one of magic’s last strongholds. The descendants of the Nephilim (i.e. the Sidhe) are still abundant in Ireland. The Catholic church, determined to destroy the Nephilim and to annex the Irish church, teams up with Richard II of England and sets its sights on Ireland. What follows is a desperate battle for control of Ireland and the magic that still resides there.

The major players in THE LAST DAYS OF MAGIC are many. Fighting for Ireland and to save the Nephilim are Aisling, one third of the triune goddess Morrigna; Liam, Aisling’s half-sidhe protector; Conor, Aisling’s significant other; Rhoswhen, a sidhe priestess/witch; Fearghal, the sidhe high king and Rhoswhen’s father; and Brigid, a druid priestess. The English that feature prominently include Richard II, Chaucer, and Robert de Vere (9th Earl of Oxford). The members of the Catholic church include Cardinal Orsini (the chief exorcist) and the legate. Members of the French court include Queen Isabeau of France and her daughter, Isabella. Those of undecided loyalties include Jordan, a hireling of the Catholic church who studies magic and witchcraft in secret, and Najia, a witch that Jordan initially takes as a slave and later frees.

With such a large cast of characters, you might think it would be hard to keep track of everyone. It’s not, thank goodness! Each character has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses. The characters, especially Jordan, are intricate. Is Jordan a good guy? Or is he a bad guy? It was great fun trying to guess. Aside from Jordan, Richard II is pretty much my absolute favorite aspect of this book. Tompkins does a great job of showing his megalomaniacal side while still infusing enough pathos for me to feel sorry for him and his fate. - Bridgette

"Plundering the treasure chest of human myths, from mysterious biblical giants to ferocious Celtic faeries, Tompkins has created a fantasy adventure with the shifting perspectives of dreamscape. A novel rich and strange."

THE LAST DAYS OF MAGIC will bring you into a mystical world of faeries and enchantments that you will be hard-pressed to leave. This ride through Celtic history — amidst goddesses, Celts, and Vikings — is a story rich in love, family, and history.  - Jaime

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