Friday, September 15, 2017

Sherlock a Study in Pink

30280513By: Steven Moffat
Location: GRA JAY
Genre: Sherlock Manga
Series: Sherlock#1

"The art style is amazing, I would never have imagined Benadryl Cabbagepatch fitting in so well with manga. I would highly recommend this to any fan of Sherlock wanting their fix, if not just for the artwork alone.
"- Jay

That was sublime! I absolutely love the BBC series because Holmes has always been one of my favorites and Moffat has done a beautiful job of bringing him and Watson into today's day and age. He uses the classic cases as the bare bones to a plot that he then cleverly modernizes.

This is the graphic novel version of the modern BBC version of A Study in Scarlet. I read Scarlet many times and until Moffat's first episode aired, I would never have even known where to begin modernizing it in a way that doesn't water down Doyle's perfect character, setting and mood. That Elementary show? Trash! compared to this.

The illustrations were spot on. I love graphic novels, but generally when they are adapted from television or films the characters end being either way too perfectly beautiful, or the exact opposite. Not so here. The characters look like the characters. Cumberbatch looks almost like a caricature of a person in real life, so to pull off that level of animation is a feat.- Kandice

"It genuinely made me laugh some of Sherlock's faces that were pulled and I love it when a book/manga can do that. Overall a brilliant story with awesome characters displayed in a form of art I love"- Charlie

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