Satin Island

By: Tom McCarthy
Location: FIC MCC
Genre: Fiction- prize winner- Literary Fiction

*Shortlisted for the 2015 Man Booker prize*

*Shortlisted for the 2015 Goldsmiths Prize *

*‘A horrifyingly comic novel of ideas with its fingers jammed into the light-socket of the age’ Guardian*

*‘A Kafka for the Google Age’ Daily Telegraph*

Mr Mannins and Mr  Lemire- this one is a book you would like!!!

“Forget family, or ethnic and religious groupings: corporations have supplanted all these as the primary structure of the modern tribe.” 
― Tom McCarthySatin Island

U. is a 'corporate anthropologist' who, while working on a giant, epoch-defining project no one really understands, is also tasked with writing the Great Report on our society. But instead, U. spends his days procrastinating, meandering through endless buffer-zones of information and becoming obsessed by the images with which the world bombards him on a daily basis: oil spills, African traffic jams, roller-blade processions.

Is there a secret logic holding all these images together? Once cracked, will it unlock the master-meaning of our era? Might it have something to do with the dead parachutists in the news? Perhaps; perhaps not.

“The first move of any strategy of cultural production, he’d say, must be to liberate things – objects, situations, systems – into uselessness.” 

― Tom McCarthy, Satin Island


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