The Red

By: Linda Nagata
Location: FIC NAG
Genre: Military Sci-Fi
Series: #1- The Red Trilogy

“It’s the doom of our species that psychopaths always want to be in charge.” 
― Linda NagataThe Red: First Light

Hmmmm I wonder who the author is talking about!

Reality TV and advanced technology make for high drama in this political thriller that combines the military action of Zero Dark Thirty with the classic science fiction of The Forever War.

Lieutenant James Shelley, who has an uncanny knack for premeditating danger, leads a squad of advanced US Army military tasked with enforcing the peace around a conflict in sub-Saharan Africa. The squad members are linked wirelessly 24/7 to themselves and a central intelligence that guides them via drone relay; and unbeknownst to Shelley and his team, they are being recorded for a reality TV show.

When an airstrike almost destroys their outpost, a plot begins to unravel that is worthy of Crichton and Clancy best. The conflict soon involves rogue defense contractors, corrupt US politicians, and homegrown terrorists who possess nuclear bombs. Soon Shelley must accept that the helpful warnings in his head could be AI. But what is the cost of serving its agenda?

“Everybody’s got a place in the world, their one best role. Most people spend their whole life trying to figure out what that is,” 

― Linda NagataThe Red: First Light

Near future military SF combined with political thriller elements make this a fast-paced and entertaining read. - Justine!


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