The Distance Between Lost and Found

By Kathryn Holmes
Location: FIC HOL
Genre:  Hatchett revisited with a bit of  Young Adult- Contemporary- Romance and Faith chucked in!

Just because it is a church youth group environment does not mean there is not bullying, competition, fighting for self confirmation and plain old gossip, and nastiness.
This I know having been raised in a church with youth groups. I was a bit different to this story- I was the new kid coming into an established group- did not fit. Nelson kids are richer than where I came from, cooler, and far more into boys! I liked motorbikes and hockey! It was not a great loving environment to be fair! Then the youth group leaders son get one of the girls pregnant.. yep this story resonates!

Hallie Calhoun has just endured the most excruciating six months of her life. Once the rumors about her and the preacher’s son, Luke, made their way around school, her friends abandoned her, and as a result, Hallie has completely withdrawn.

Now on a hiking trip in the Smoky Mountains with the same people who have relentlessly taunted her, Hallie is pushed to her limit. Then Hallie, outgoing newcomer Rachel, and Jonah—Hallie’s former friend—get separated from the rest of the group. As days go by without rescue, their struggle for survival turns deadly. Stranded in the wilderness, the three have no choice but to trust one another in order to stay alive…and for Hallie, that means opening up about what really happened that night with Luke.

From the catty atmosphere of high school to the unpredictable terrain of the mountains, this novel is a poignant, raw journey about finding yourself after having been lost for so long.


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