Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Biggles WWII Collection

By: Captain W E Johns
Location: FIC JOH
Genre: WWII Fiction

Why is Biggles only for my brothers... why could I not read them? Why was I stuck with Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie?
I wanted  dangerous missions in enemy territory, missing in action or abandoned in the deserts, I craved handsome hero's and spunky war pilots and all I got was nice lush fields that you pranced through to go pick the raspberries.
So now, I have adult revenge, and with this collection of 4 action packed stories, I will not have to pull up my long dress, expose my knickerbockers and make jam ever again!!! Shot em down Biggles!!!

Caught up in the German invasion of Norway in the early days of the Second World War, Biggles has to use all his cunning to stay one step ahead of the enemy. With his old opponent Von Stalheim hot on his trail, it's going to take a daring act to avoid the horror of the Nazi firing squad.

Deep in the jungle heartland of Japanese occupied Malaya, Biggles and his team operate a secret commando base. It's deadly, dangerous work, risking enemy capture and Biggles is fighting to bring all his men out alive.

With a dangerous mission ahead and the threat of being shot down in the waterless wasteland of the African plains, Biggles is in the desert, defending the vital air-route from the West coast of Africa to the Middle East. When a number of planes fail to arrive at their destinations, Biggles is there to find out why - and stop it happening again.

Biggles is missing in action. Last seen lying shot and wounded, surrounded by the enemy, his chances are looking bleak. But Algy, Ginger and Bertie will not give up until they find him, dead or alive, and if this means going behind enemy lines, then that's what they will do.

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