Monday, March 31, 2014

Halo, Hades and Heaven

By: Alexandra Adornetto
Location: FIC ADO
Genre: Paranormal

These three books have amazing covers, good thing you don't judge books by their cover... except I do. It seems these books don't measure up to the cover though! These books have the worst reviews I have ever seen.
I believe in Angels, I believe they exist and I believe they do stuff. I believe we have a few looking after us, but do they have wings and are they all stunningly handsomeness and stud like, living in posh town!
Ah I don't know about that.

So these books...
Three angels – Gabriel, the warrior; Ivy, the healer; and Bethany, the youngest and most human – are sent by Heaven to bring good to a world falling under the influence of darkness. They work hard to conceal their luminous glow, superhuman powers, and, most dangerous of all, their wings, all the while avoiding all human attachments.Then Bethany meets Xavier Woods, and neither of them is able to resist the attraction between them. Gabriel and Ivy do everything in their power to intervene, but the bond between Xavier and Bethany seems too strong.The angel’s mission is urgent, and dark forces are threatening. Will love ruin Bethany or save her!

As a reviewer said "I think God's servants can do better than knit mittens and walk the neighbor's dog. In fact, there is just no excuse for the uselessness of the angels in this book,"

So we have three nice books with nice covers that tell a stink story about angels who do nothing, when they could be influencing the  history of the world and bringing hope and comfort to the lost and lonely. 
Sorry guys I bought these books, but they will look nice on the shelves.

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