Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jamie's 15 Minute Meals

By: Jamie Oliver
Location: 641 OLI
Genre: ummm Yummm

What makes a hero! Jaime is one of mine. Why do you ask? Because he inspired my son, gave him courage and hope. They are both Dyslexic and when my son was going through High School he knew he could make it, be a man, a success... and he is. Jaime pointed the way, Ty walked the path. Ty did Food Tech all the way through High School- got the nick name masterchef, until he sliced his finger to the bone making a lamb rack. Nothing a few stitches did not fix, he then cheffed it the next day with brilliance. Ty did not end up working full time as a chef, instead he is an Outdoor Educator taking kids at risk into New Zealand's great outdoors- and those kids get the best food cooked on a gas cooker ever!
So Jamie- thank you for being a role model that counted, for being inspiring and creating this amazing cookbook for the new generation of students at Cambridge High in New Zealand. Maybe,  just maybe I need to go and buy Ty one as well!!
Just cant resist a few of the recipe names... check these out and lick your lips!!!
Green Tea Salmon, Smoky Maple Pancetta, Mustard Lamb, Thai Chicken Laksa, Salsa Verde Tuna, Tapas Bruschetta, Ricotta Fritters......      yum yum yum!

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