Monday, March 31, 2014

To My Sons

By Bear Grylls  
Location: NF 646.7GRY- Not for Loan- its a book to mull and scan over.
Genre: Feel good inspirational lessons in life.

I am the proud Mum of two wonderful sons. These boys have a great Dad and they have had great adventures in the outdoors, most memorable- climbing Mt Ngarahoe during a full moon.
Dads have such a huge role in growing boys into men, we minimize this role at our peril, and our societies need men who know what true adventure is, playing x box is not a true man!!!!
Bear Grylls has written this book of spiritual and practical wisdom to share with his sons, about risks, tumbles, and victories of a well lived life. Here are a few...
When you are right- shut up and when you are wrong, admit it!
Have a firm handshake.
Be kind to those who others neglect.
Be ambitious- think big and take calculated risks.
Thank God for your many blessings; then go and blossom. It is okay to succeed!
I hope and know my boys live by many of these lessons and I am thankful for the Dad who imparted them!

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