Monday, March 17, 2014

My Name is Blessing

By: Eric Walters
Location: Pic WAL
Genre: Real true African story that made my Year 12s say awwwww all the time!!

Muthini is a young boy with a disabled hand,and his name means "suffering" . It is a horrible thing really- "Hay Suffering come over here" "Suffering can you please fetch the water". He had a daily reminder of the pain he was in and that he also caused others. However his caring Grandmothers measured Muthini by other qualties, the size of his heart, the depth of his mind, the naure of his spirit. The problem was his Grandmother was very poor and weak and she could not care for a disabled child, Muthini had to go.
After a  long walk they went came to there destination- an orphanage, and there Muthini was going to be left, but the owner would not take a boy who was "suffering". "Suffering" was not welcome at this place, but 'Blessing" was and that is what Muthini became- a blessing- Baraka
So note to self... no-one should be tagged by how we appear, because everyone we met, every child, every adult can be a real blessing to there worlds.
Baraka is a story that has been told, an awwww story, I know- others know, like our Year 12s that hang out in here, that there are many other children in our world whose stories have not been told- and are still suffering!

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